How do I qualify to become a NAPA member?


Midas Franchisees and established independent spare shops must have a trading history with any one of the nine Parts Incorporated Africa (PIA) Warehouses situated countrywide. Turnover, monthly purchases, stock values, payment history, trade/cash ratio’s, location and support across the approved NAPA suppliers are some of the influencing factors.


What can NAPA offer?


NAPA offers access to leading local manufacturers and distributors. Currently, NAPA is linked  to 37 leading local brands / manufacturers. They dropship predetermined minimum order volumes/values directly from factory to store at competitive pricing. In addition, NAPA offers value adds and overreach programs in order to create demand at both consumer and workshop level for these approved brands and suppliers.


What are the benefits of being a NAPA member?


NAPA is a negotiating and trading link for Members that secures a supply line to Local Manufacturers and distributors at very competitive deals.


Can NAPA sell directly to the consumer?


NAPA is a wholesaler route to market servicing the aftermarket parts industry which in turn services the consumer. NAPA does not sell to consumers.


How many NAPA members are there?


Currently there are 80 NAPA members across Southern Africa. With reference to the criteria of becoming a NAPA member, this number could increase or decrease at any point in time.


How does NAPA work?


Approved members place orders with minimum volumes or values on any NAPA approved supplier. The supplier invoices NAPA and sends the goods to the member. On receipt of the invoice NAPA will then invoice the member to recover payment and pay the supplier. NAPA also has Direct Billing suppliers who recover payment directly.


What does it cost to become a NAPA member?


NAPA Membership is free, however, expectations are that at least 90% of the product basket available via NAPA is supported.


How do I apply to become a NAPA member?


Prospective NAPA members can contact the NAPA office. Our contact details can be found on our Contact Us page. If you are an existing Midas outlet, you can contact your local Midas Franchise Manager. Processes and procedures are in place to consider and evaluate all applications for NAPA Membership.