When it comes to getting involved in the community, Far North Midas really goes the extra mile.


Not only are Klasie and his team passionate about automotive parts and accessories, they live the Midas brand. So much so that they are constantly involved in community activities and they believe in giving back to the community that supports them. The team from Far North Midas are actively involved in all sorts of cycling events and over the last couple of months the team has participated in quite a few events. Far North Midas also sponsors some of the events in Limpopo. Below are some of their accolades:


JP van Tonder and Fritz Balzun recently completed their first Sani2C in           16hr32 minutes.


Theresia Lessing and JP van Tonder also recently completed the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour.


Theresia Lessing finishes 26th in the 2018 Makhulu 5 Mountain Bike Challenge.


Theresia Lessing was awarded her Limpopo Marathon Cycling Colours.




Tenneco today introduced a comprehensive offer of advanced-technology replacement shock absorbers for consumers who want their vehicles to provide superior ride characteristics in a wide range of driving situations. The new, premium range – Monroe® OESpectrum® shocks – is offered with the brand’s first five-year product quality and performance limited warranty.


Monroe OESpectrum shocks feature the revolutionary, patented Monroe R-TECH®2 Rebound Valving Technology™, which provides virtually instantaneous feedback and response to changing driving conditions for exceptional road-holding capability, a smoother ride and increased driver control and confidence. This technology is combined with Tenneco’s new high-speed Impact Control Valve. This, in turn, helps each OESpectrum unit deliver a unique blend of world-class control and reduced noise, vibration and harshness.


“Monroe OESpectrum shocks allow workshops and technicians to eliminate the compromise that has traditionally existed between precise vehicle control and unwanted ride harshness,” explained Bruce Ronning, vice president and general manager, Tenneco Europe Aftermarket. “By choosing this advanced technology, our aftermarket partners will be able to offer a superior driving experience.”


The patented Monroe R-TECH Rebound Valving Technology utilizes two sets of precisely calibrated disks separated by an eccentric “helical disk” to eliminate unwanted, abrupt changes in damping force. The more precise transition between damping control phases helps ensure more consistent control characteristics across a broader range of driving situations and conditions.


Other enhancements featured in Monroe OESpectrum units are premium chrome plating on the piston rod; a new, advanced-design oil seal; internal coil spring rebound stop on many units; new, closed anti-friction PTFE piston band; and premium semi-synthetic oil formulation.


In keeping with the premium technologies featured in the new range, Monroe OESpectrum shocks are offered in a high-quality, full-color package designed to appeal to quality-conscious customers.  The new packaging also is engineered to better resist damage associated with shipping and handling.


MONROE - OES Spectrum