HELLA Xtreme Yellow

(23222 customer reviews)


  • Twin blisters
  • Improved visibility under fog, hail and rainy conditions, due to reduced color temperature for less reflection
  • Recommended for vehicles in rural areas and all terrain
  • Unique style
  • Color Temperature 2,900 K
  • For off-road use only


  • Voltage: 12V


  • Halogen
Type Voltage Power Base Part No. Packaging
H1 12 V 55 W P14.5s H1 YL B
H3 12 V 55 W PK22s H3 YL B
H4 12 V 60/55 W P43t H4 YL B
H7 12 V 55 w PX26d H7 YL B
H11 12 V 55 W PGJ19-2 H11 YL B
H13 12 V 60/55 W P26.4t H13 YL B
880 12 V 27 W PG13 880 YL B
889 12 V 27 W PGJ13 889 YL B
9004 12 V 65/45 W P29t 9004 YL B
9005 12 V 65 W P20d 9005 YL B
9006 12 V 55 W P22d 9006 YL B
9007 12 V 65/55 W P29t 9007 YL B

Packaging type:
C = Box includes: 1 bulb
B = Blister Includes: (2) HELLA +50 Halogen Bulbs

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23222 reviews for HELLA Xtreme Yellow

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