Kenny Arnold

I’ve been in the automotive industry for 18 years, I’m customer centric and strive for excellence. I’m family orientated, love being outdoors, travelling, meeting new people and participating in sport. I have completed 20 plus Dusi Canoe Marathons, 7 Two Oceans 56km Ultra Marathons and 6 Comrades Marathons and much more.

Sameera Sayed

Growing up in a family passionately involved in the motor industry, I could not have asked for a better suited company than Motus Aftermarket Parts to work with. Being my first real job as a Graduate I am thrilled to be part of the NAPA Family, extremely grateful for this opportunity and ready to make my mark and add value to the Team. Apart from being a grease monkey, I am an avid reader, a novice horse rider and a professional binge-watcher.

Linda Jones

I’m often referred to as the loudest person in the NAPA office, it only speaks to my vivacious nature and to the fact that I honestly do love interacting with people. Whilst my work entails a variety of duties at NAPA, I am happiest when delivering customer service excellence, forming great relationships with our clients and ensuring an efficient and personalised service to them. I thrive on the energy of being around people, but it has to be said that the very core of my universe revolves around my family, close friends…and yes, it has to be said, my cat too. Travel has always inspired me, and time spent outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature feeds my soul. As part of a team that strives for excellence, I am never without motivation and I’m always looking for the next challenge to take us and our clients to greater heights.

Sonja Chambers

I am a firm believer in customer centricity. I am an outdoor and adventure type person who loves watersports, hiking and painting. I have done white river rafting, skydiving, bungee-jumped, shark cage diving and more.

Fanie Stoltz

From a young age, all I wanted was a car and couldn’t wait to get it and since then I haven’t looked back. I have spent my entire 19 years working career in the automotive industry. I started off in manufacturing for 7 years and then moved on to wholesale for 7 years and has since then been in retail. I am a petrolhead with a passion for cars and the industry. This makes me passionate to add value to people in the industry as I am aware of what difficulties come with the territory. I also have a passion and respect for customers and will go out of my way to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers.